Easiest Pan-Seared Steak for Father's Day

It's Father's Day tomorrow and I'm excited to have a fancy home-cooked meal for my dad and the family. I say fancy but it's the effortless kind of fancy, if you know me.  I will be using a prime cut of New York strip steak, as that's my dad's favorite. Pair it with a nice bottle of red wine, some steak tomatoes with sweet basil, and dessert from our local bakery. Simple and delicious for Dad.  Happy Father's Day everyone!

RECIPE for 4 servings

4 pieces of prime NY Strip steak, about 1.25 inch thick cuts, let them rest to room temperature before cooking
3 steak tomatoes, slice thick
1 handful of fresh sweet basil
2 tbs of garlic powder
2 tbs of onion powder
2 tbs of smoke paprika
1 tbs of fresh ground black pepper
1 dash of sea salt for each side of each steak
Canola oil for searing
Aged balsalmic vinegar for the tomato steak salad, with basil leaves
A bottle of Kobe Steak Sauce for dipping

Rub the steak with the dry ingredients. Pat the sides as well.
Set you searing pan on high and add in oil. 
Add in one steak at a time. Sear at about 2-3 mins per side for medium rare. Check the internal temp if you have the meat thermometer. Keep an eye on the searing for perfect doneness to your taste. (Rare ~ 130°F ; Medium Rare ~ 140°F; Medium ~ 155°F)