Fresh Crab and Asparagus Soup (Sup Mang Cua)

I love a soup for lunch or dinner any day of the week and this one is to please. I am almost certain you have had this soup before and today, I'm making it a little spicy with the use of crispy chili to add a little kick to it. The star of this soup is the sweet tasting fresh crabmeat. Also, adding fresh asparagus really makes this soup as beautiful as it tastes. If you're asking what are those white balls? They are the lovely quail eggs. Simply delicious and satisfying. I hope you'll make this soup the next time you got yourself a tub of fresh crabmeat! (Check out how I make this soup in this video.)

RECIPE for 6-8 servings

16 oz container of fresh lump crabmeat
2 doz of boiled quail eggs
2 eggs, scrambled
1 handful of asparagus, diced
2 qts of chicken stock
2 tbs of crispy chili (I prefer the Taiwanese brands)
2 tbs of sesame oil
2 tbs of corn starch, mix with 1 cup of water
1 tsp of white pepper powder
Salt, sugar and pepper to taste

Heat up the chicken stock to a slight boil. Add in the scrambled egg and stir well. The hot broth will cook the egg and creating this "faux" crabmeat. Next add in the asparagus. Then the corn starch mix to the soup. Lastly, add the quail eggs and crabmeat. Turn heat down to medium low. Add a little salt, ground pepper and sugar to your taste. The soup should a nice balance and not too bland. You can top the soup bowl with sesame oil and more crispy chili.