Fresh Lobster Sashimi Salad with Mints (Goi Tom Hum Tuoi)

Most of the time we boil, broil, saute and basically just cook lobsters. So it's not too often you hear about it being eaten raw.  Like today, I'm using the sushi-sashimi concept to bring this dish to life. Also, seeing these lobster on sale at the market is a perfect incentive to make some fresh lobster salad, using the Vietnamese shredded water spinach and mints. Check it out in the video!

RECIPE for 4 servings

2 large fresh lobster, remove shell and gently slice the flesh
2 handfuls of shredded Vietnamese water spinach, store bought
2 handfuls of mixed mints, such as purple perilla, mints, Vietnamese corriander, etc.
1/2 a large yellow bell pepper, slice thin

Assemble the veggies and top with the slices lobster meat.

Lime dressing:
4-5 tbsp of fresh lime juice
1 tbsp of sugar

Dipping sauce:
3 tbsp of fermented fish sauce (thick and grayish sauce), it's called Mam Nem
3-4 tbsp of sugar

Dip the lobster and veggies in the fermented fish sauce and enjoy!