Vietnamese Classic Garlic Shrimp (Tom Rim Toi)

A quick update... I'm making this dish for my new cooking show called, "5 Minutes Cooking with Cathyha" on SGN Network TV, a Vietnamese television station in Houston, Texas.  Check out the video here

The below is the sweeter version of this classic Vietnamese shrimp dish using the Chili Paste with Soya Bean Oil, instead of the Shrimp Paste in Soya Bean Oil. The shrimp paste sauce doesn't have the sugar component and more shrimp flavor . BTW, the same Thai brand, Pantai, makes these awesome sauces for us. 

Below is the original post during Super Bowl 49.

I got a couple pounds of jumbo shrimp from my mom this morning. She had these in her freezer not too long ago and said that they came straight from the shrimping boat of her friend's friend. Sure! I'll take them babies. Getting home, I realized I don't have but a few ingredients to pull something together fast and delicious. Just three ingredients is all I needed for this finger-licking good shrimp. If you ask me, this is the perfect snack for this year's Super Bowl Sunday with family and friends. Roll in with a large plate of these shrimps and you'll get center seat at the couch. Go Seattle!!!

Super Bowl Garlic Shrimp
garlic shrimp ingredients

RECIPE for 4 servings (see video here)

2 lbs of jumbo shrimp, rinse and dry, shell and head-on, cut off tip of head
5 tbs fish sauce
4 tbs Thai chili paste soya bean sauce *
4 large garlic cloves, minced
2 tbs cooking oil

Heat up saute pan with oil and drop in garlic to saute for 1 min.
Combine Thai chili paste and fish sauce in a small bowl to mix them well, then add to hot pan.
Add in shrimp and saute for 3-4 mins and turn shrimp over at about 2-minute point. 
Serve on a large plate and napkins to wipe your hands afterwards.

* For a more savory, non-sweet version, use the Thai shrimp paste with soya bean oil, but add only 1-2 tbs of fish sauce.