Okra Tom Yum Soup (Canh Chua Tom)

You know the saying, "Quick, Good, Cheap. Pick two!" Well, well, my friends. I just did the "Quick, Good, and Cheap all in one!" Thanks to my mom-in-law, who stopped by to give me some home grown okras from her garden and some jumbo Gulf shrimps too. So right away I know that these guys are calling out for me to make some tom yum soup to really play up their flavors, and at the same time, it takes but a few minutes to pull together. I hope you'll enjoy this recipe for quick and delicious soup for dinner, or lunch!

2014-09-16 17.31.29.jpg
Jumbo shrimps for tom yum soup

RECIPE for 3-4 servings

1.5 lb of jumbo shrimp, remove tail but keep the head on by cutting off the sharp nose (as seen in photo above)
1 lb of fresh okra, cut into 1-inch rounds
5 cups of water or chicken stock
1 handful of cilantro, chopped
2 generous tbs of tom yum paste, made in Thailand brand preferred
1 tbs sugar, or to taste

Bring water or stock to boil, then add in tom yum paste.
Then add in the okras and continue to cook for 5-7 mins.
Add sugar or not depends on your taste. Then add in shrimps. 
Turn off heat immediately.
Add in cilantro at the very end before serving.
Serve with white jasmine rice.