Saigon-Style Steamed Bread Wrap (Banh Mi Hap Thit Xao)

What to do with some left over bread? Make some steamed bread wrap! Yes, this is one satisfying dish that is delicious and quick to pull together. It's a classic Southern Vietnamese dish that you can include meat or not, just have some mints, pickled carrots and dipping sauce and you're all set. Wrap everything together and dunk it with some Nuoc Mam Pha and you have to tell yourself not to finish the entire plate all by yourself. It's bread... who doesn't like bread?!

steamed bread wrap with pork tenderloin
bread wrap
steamed bread

RECIPE for 4 servings (watch my video here)

3-4 mini day-old banguette (or 1 large loaf), cut into 3-inch pieces
1/2 lb of pork tenderloin, slice thin
1/2 cup of white onion, sliced
1/2 cup of green onion, diced
2 tbs of minced garlic
Salt, pepper, fish sauce to taste
1 cup of Vietnamese dipping sauce
1 large plate of various Vietnamese mints, pickled carrots & daikon, sliced cucumbers, etc.
1 handful of croutons/faux fried pork fat (recipe here)
3-4 tbs of store-bought crispy shallots
Cooking oil

How to make the saute pork tenderloin:

1. Marinade the pork with minced garlic, 1 tbs of fish sauce, 1 dash of sugar, and some fresh ground pepper
2. Add a couple of tbs of cooking oil to saute pan, then add in pork and white onion. Cook for 5-7 mins or until done. Remove from pan and distribute directly on top of steamed bread.

How to make the steamed bread:

1. Lightly soak each piece of bread with water. Then place in one layer on a large plate for microwave.
2. Soak 3 pieces of paper towel with water and place on top of bread. Microwave for about 3 mins.

Before serving, top the plate of steamed bread with sauteed green onion, followed by the pork, the crispy faux fried pork fat/croutons and some crispy shallots. 

Wrap in lettuce and mints and dip away!