Honey and Scallion Grilled Pork (Thit Nuong)

Pork is a stable protein for many Vietnamese, as pork is more affordable than chicken or beef in Vietnam. Therefore you will see there are countless pork dishes in the Vietnamese menu. It's also interesting that you can find several pork items on one plate. For example, the typical rice dish, Com Tam Bi Suon Cha, aka "broken rice with shredded pork, pork chop & pork-and-egg meat loaf" is a popular rice dish in many Vietnamese restaurants.  And don't forget the vermicelli with grilled pork and Vietnamese egg rolls, which are filled with, you guessed it, ground pork. The list of pork dishes goes on and on. Why not start with this grilled pork this weekend?

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Grilled pork with scallion oil, or Mo Hanh, as Vietnamese would say.

Grilled pork with scallion oil, or Mo Hanh, as Vietnamese would say.

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RECIPE for 6 servings

1.5 lb pork butt or shoulder, thinly sliced (not too thin as it will dry out when grilled. Ask your butcher to do this for you)
4 tbs sugar 
3 tbs fish sauce
1 tsp ground pepper
3 cloves garlic, minced 
5-7 green onion, top half only, pounded with pestle and mortar. Use the rest of the green portion for the Scallion and Oil topping.*
1/4 tsp Chinese five spice
1 tsp paprika
5 tbs honey, use brush to baste pork at grill time   

* Scallion and Oil -
Chop the rest of the green part of the scallion. Heat up 4 tbs of olive oil in a pan, once hot, drop in the scallion. Add a pinch of salt. Fry for 5-7 seconds and turn off heat. 

Mix and marinade the pork well with all the ingredients, except the honey.
Soak 10 bamboo skewers in water for 5 mins.
Skew pieces of pork on loosely so it's not too tight, for easier grilling.
Brush on the honey to cover all surfaces of the meat.
Grill until pork has a nice golden brown and a little charred. About 5-6 mins on each side, on a 400 degree flame.

Drizzle the scallion and oil to the plate of grilled pork.

Serve with rice, Vietnamese dipping sauce and pickled carrots and daikon.