Roasted Duck Noodles (Mi Vit Quay Kho)

It's still Tet week, lunar new year celebration, so having duck is just part of tradition during this festive time. For Vietnamese, it's endless meals of awesome dishes, from roasted pork to lobster, duck, abalone, you name it. Today's duck and noodles dish is super quick and makes an impressive presentation at the dinner or lunch table. You get to have two types of noodles on one plate and some delicious and gorgeous roasted duck. Oh, it's good luck to have duck at new year's so you gotta make this dish today!

roasted duck and noodles

RECIPE for 6 servings

1 Chinese roasted duck, cut into smaller pieces, by your BBQ guy
3 servings of fresh egg noodle
2 servings of fresh thick chow mein noodle
½ lb baby yu choy (or any greens you see fresh that day), steamed
1 bunch of green onion, diced
1 tbs cooking oil, for boiling noodles

Noodle oil mix:
3 tbs sweet soy sauce
2 tbs oyster sauce
2 tbs crunchy chili pepper in oil paste 
3 tbs sesame oil
* If you have the duck sauce from the BBQ place, then mix that in as well, but lessen the oyster sauce by 1 tbs

In large pot of boiling water, add a tbs of cooking oil before cooking the noodle. Use a Chinese bamboo strainer to cook the noodle in portions. Once water is boiling, cook noodle for (6-8 secs for egg noodle, and 2-3 mins for low mein) by submerging the noodle and re-submerging about 2 times, with 2-3 secs of tossing above boiling water before re-submerging. Use chopsticks to stir the noodle around in the the strainer for even cooking. Remove the noodle from strainer and place on a large platter. Then add 1-2 tbs of oil mix to each cooked bundle of noodle and toss well to coat the noodle. Continue until the noodles are finished.

Place noodles on one large platter. Top with green onion, duck and steamed greens.

Enjoy! Serve with some Pickled Serrano Pepper, if available.