Pickled Spicy Peppers (Ot Ngam Chua)

If you frequent Vietnamese/Chinese noodle houses or restaurants, you will see that the pickled pepper is a must on the condiment tray, along with soy sauce and siracha. Well here is my super easy recipe to make yourself your own stash at home. I like to use serrano peppers, or whichever green pepper is in season, including jalepenos or even thai chili peppers.


½ cup warm water

1 cup of cider vinegar

½ lb green peppers, cut into small rounds

1 tsp kosher salt

3 tbs sugar

1 glass jar with lid (about 1 quart jar)


Place cut peppers into glass jar.

In a ceramic or glass bowl, stir all ingredients until it’s all dissolved.

Pour vinegar mix into the jar with the cut pepper.

Ready to eat in 1 hour if you’re impatient, and the next day for perfect crunch and color. This keeps well in the fridge for a month.