Glass Noodle and Crab Meat Delight (Mieng Xao Cua)

This is a dish that you can serve as a meal or an appetizer. The use of fresh lumps of crab meat is best here with the mix of veggies among the shiny glass noodles. I love all the representing colors, making this dish as delicious as it tastes. There's also a dipping sauce that's savory sweet to drizzle on top at the dinner table. Also completing the eating scene would be the awesome crunch factor from the rice sesame seed crackers. You'll find all these ingredients easily at your local Vietnamese or Asian supermarket so I hope you'll get to make this noodle dish soon. You'll be so pleased.

All the colors and textures from the various ingredients just scream, EAT ME!

All the colors and textures from the various ingredients just scream, EAT ME!

noodle and crab

RECIPE for 4-5 servings.

2-3 rice sesame crackers
4 bundles of glass noodle, soak in warm water, then cut into 5-inch strands
1 cup of fresh large lump crab meat
1 cup of fresh regular crab meat
1/2 cup dried shrimp, soak in warm water, reserve that water
1 cup fresh mushroom, sliced
3 eggs, scrambled, cut thin slices
3-4 green onion, julienned in 3-inch portions
1/2 white onion, slice lengthwise
1/2 red bell pepper, slice
1 cup bean sprout
1 handful of cilantro, rough chopped
1/2 a medium carrot, julienned
2 tbs roasted sesame seeds
2 tbs fried shallots, store-bought
1-2 tbs fish sauce, for dipping sauce
2 tbs sweet Thai chili sauce
Fresh cracked pepper
Cooking oil

1. Crack the eggs to make the scramble eggs. Add 1/2 tsp of fish sauce and some black pepper. Scramble. Add 1 tbs cooking oil to wok and drop in the egg.
2. Fry egg for a couple minutes on high heat. Flip over to cook the other side as well. Remove from wok. Let it cool before chopping into small pieces.
3. Add 1 tbs cooking oil. Fry up the white onion, then mushroom. Cook for 2-3 minutes then remove from wok.
4. Add 1 tbs cooking oil. Fry up the carrots, add a pinch of salt. Cook for 2-3 minutes then remove from wok.
5. Drain the glass noodle. Cut the noodle into 4-5 inch portions.
6. Add 1 tbs cooking oil. Fry the dried shrimp, add cracked pepper, 1 tsp sugar. Add in the crab meats. Fry for  couple of minutes. Remove from wok.
7. Add 1 tbs cooking oil, fry green onion and red bell pepper, just for 1-2 minutes and remove from heat.
8. Add 1 tbs cooking oil, add in the noodle. Add 1/3 cup of the dried shrimp soaking water to the wok. Add 1 tbs fish sauce. Add 1 tsp sugar. Toss the noodle gently and evenly.
9. Add in sprout and cilantro. Toss the noodle gently, over medium heat.
10. Add back all the cooked ingredients. Keep heat on med-low for 2-3 minutes.
11. Microwave a couple of Vietnamese rice sesame crackers. About 1:10 minutes per cracker. Break them into 4-5 inch pieces before serving.
12. Transfer noodle to large platter. Top with cilantro, shallot, and sesame seed.

Dipping sauce, optional:

1 tablespoon of sweet Thai chili sauce
2 tablespoon of premium fish sauce